Shopping (Ladies Group)



Shopping? Let me share. Where do you want to go shopping? I've traveled a long way, so buy souvenir for people in Malaysia is a must, right? In fact, there are many places to shop, but our company has arranged a schedule where the place is and what is suitable for shopping. The shopping schedule does not interfere with our ‘ibadah time there. The best thing is you can shop whatever you want with affordable prices. We make sure to give you the best experience during this Umrah trip. let's look shopping places that we could bring you.



Pilgrimage around the Prophet's Mosque only takes half a day. Yes! After the pilgrimage around the Prophet's Mosque, the mutawwif took us to the shopping area. It is a very appropriate time when we are tired of walking while appreciating every sirah and ibrahim in a historical location, we recharging our energy by shopping. Where should we go? BILAL MARKET! there are various types of souvenirs to take home. Starting with a price as low as 2 riyals up to thousands of riyals. This is the time when we will hear the Arabs inviting us into their shop by saying riyalen riyalen. Two riyals two riyals. Sounds exciting isn’t?


"We want to find the robe" "We want to find the abaya". our mutawwif took us to another shopping location, namely at Taiba Comercial Complex / Abraj Taiba. Mutawwif teased us, “dont forget read bismillah, why? ask Allah to open our eyes and hearts for us to find a way out”. Haha. The price is very reasonable. Can you believe Abayas start from 30 riyals? It’s such a good bargain! There are other places for sale as well, but you can't get that kind of price.



There are many shopping options in Mecca such as Misfalah Street & Safwa Tower. If you want to buy souvenir with modest price then Misfalah street is right place for you. Not only that, in Misfalah there is also a Sugarcane Water shop which is popular with pilgrims from Malaysia. The deliciousness of Mecca sugarcane juice is unmatched. In Menara Safwa, the ground floor and level 2 are shops selling robes and clothes while level 3 is a lot of restaurants including restaurants that serve Malaysian dishes. It really help to cure our longing with Malaysian food. Alhamdulillah.



The last stop before departure home is in Jeddah. Huh? shopping again? Yes, the most attractive shopping location is in Jeddah. There are several places to be the choice of mutawwif, namely in Al Balad Corniche, Red Sea Mall, Al Mahmal Center, Wholesale Market Jeddah, Abaya Market, Flamingo Park, Faisaliyah Shopping Center. In this supermarket, there is also a shop that is very popular with Indonesia Pilgrims, which is meatball shop!. On the way from Jeddah to the Airport, our hearts were full of joy and we came home with hands full of souvenirs!


In fact, every pilgrimage location has a shopping area. Including Jabal Rahmah, Hudaibiyah Mosque, Ji'ranah Mosque and so on. Beans, dates, rosaries and souvenirs are all there. "If Hajj is throwing stones, Umrah is throwing riyals, Arabic money is thrown at the seller and the seller throws the goods brought to us" joked Ustaz breaking the silence in the bus. Haha. the best ustaz who guided us this time.