Our Right Choice



Heart -to -heart guidance is sure to be a history to be remembered. Mutawwif & mutawwifah who are very experienced in the guidance of umrah and pilgrimage throughout there. That is what I can say in this holy journey


Starting from KLIA, we were greeted by IKHLAS staff which is my company of choice this time. Wow, it's fun. We are fully assisted in the matter of check in until completion. Once all the luggage was registered, we were briefed by our Mutawwif. Wow! Our mutawwif created a positive vibe and we do not feel awkward at all because he was very friendly from the beginning and we were all educated as a family. Feels like a VIP for umrah this time.


After the boarding pass is distributed. We were ready for boarding, prayer readings accompanied our journey to be blessed by Allah. Our Mutawif named Ustaz Hazmi will take us from here. Usually umrah pilgrims are released at the international departure gate only. But this time we were escorted up to the door of the plane by an officer of the umrah company. Really feels like a VIP group. When there are officers escorting to the door of the plane, all matters in immigration and customs become easier and more orderly. We moved together in a group.



The best of my umrah company, they always surprise us because when we were greeted by their staff when we arrived at Madinah Airport. We continued to board the bus that was already available outside the terminal. I remember the story of how the people of Madinah waited for the arrival of Rasulullah when the Hijrah group arrived in Madinah. The next surprise, we didn’t have to wait long when we arrived at Hotel Madinah as their staff had once again been waiting for our arrival with room keys. With the exhaustion of 8 hours of flight and 1 hour of bus ride, we were able to directly get into our respective rooms to straighten up and get ready for our first pilgrimage. Pilgrimage of the Prophet. When you entered someone's house, you have to meet the host first. Is it smooth? first impressions we were very lucky to choose this company to guide us.




Our timepasses with replenishment. Our mutawwif is great! Always give us advice and religious sharing throughout with us.