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For pilgrims' ease and comfort, hotels are carefully handpicked to be closer to the Haramain.

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Travel Processes

Pre Flight

  • Submission of documents after booking is confirmed
  • The Umrah course will be conducted 1 month before departure

In Flight

  • Comfortable flights
  • Experienced young mutawwif & mutawwifah guidance

At the Destination

  • Porter's service for the IKHLAS pilgirms
  • Scheduled activities for Umrah and Ziarah

Post Trip

  • IKHLAS will continue to provide services until the pilgrims arrive at their destination
  • IKHLAS will always be in touch with the pilgrims as SAHABAT IKHLAS

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of Umrah packages offered?

There are a few type of packages that IKHLAS provided. Our objective on preparing product is based on the demand market of mass population which is economic focus. Type of packages we have is as below:

  • Umrah Salaam (9days 7night)
  • Umrah Naaem (9days 7night)
  • Umrah Amaal (12days 10night)
  • Umrah Imaan (12days 10night)

We also have Exclusive Umrah Packages as listed below:

  • Umrah Ustaz Syamsul Debat
  • Umrah Ustaz Abdul Samad

These packages typically include the following features:

  1. Accommodation in hotels located near the Haram in Mecca and the Prophet's Mosque in Medina, so that pilgrims can easily access the holy sites.
  2. Guided tours, ziarah Islamic historical places and lectures that provide a deeper understanding of the rituals and history of Umrah, and help pilgrims to focus on the spiritual aspects of the journey.
  3. Assistance with visa applications and other logistical arrangements, to help pilgrims focus on their spiritual journey without being distracted by administrative tasks.
  4. Opportunities for charitable giving and community service, as acts of charity are an important aspect of Islamic spirituality in Haram land.
  5. Group activities that promote brotherhood and sisterhood among the pilgrims, such as group prayers, Quran recitation sessions, and communal meals.

Overall, an "ikhlas" Umrah package is designed to help pilgrims perform the Umrah with sincerity and purity of intention, and to focus on the spiritual aspects of the journey.

What is in my Umrah package?

  • Flight tickets
  • Airport tax and fuel surcharge included
  • 3 nights in Medina & 4 nights in Mecca (9D7N)
  • 5 nights in Medina & Mecca (12D10N)
  • Tourist visa
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation for Tours (Ziarah)
  • 3 times Umrah with Mutawwif
  • Food & Beverage as per programme
  • Insurance (Al Khairi Medical Card)
  • IKHLAS Suitcase, sling bags, shoes bag, umrah guide book (in IKHLAS app)

I am a staff of Capital A (AirAsia) also known as an Allstar. Is there a special rate and how do I make a booking?

Allstars get to enjoy a special discount on all IKHLAS Umrah packages. Here is how you can apply:

Provide the following information during the booking process:

a. Valid email address

b. Staff ID

Kindly note that the discount does not apply to mixed carriers. Allstars must fly with AirAsia X only.

Please note that the offer is currently available only for citizens of Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore and Brunei. If you hold a foreign visa from Indonesia or Bangladesh, the processing time takes up to 30 operational days. We kindly request you to avoid last minute bookings if you are not a Malaysian citizen.

*The special discount does not applied to Embargo/ blackout period.

What documents are needed for visa application?

IKHLAS pilgrims need to prepare:

  • Passport that is valid for 6 months or more from the date of departure with 6 blank pages.
  • 1 pieces of 4x6cm photos with white background and 80% face size.
  • Proof of meningitis vaccine ACYW-135. (Optional)
  • Copy of Covid-19 vaccine and booster injection certificate. (Optional)

*Non-Malaysians, please consult IKHLAS officers for additional documents.

What type of vaccine is needed for Umrah?

  • 2 doses of Covid-19 vaccine and 1 dose of booster.
  • Meningitis vaccine ACYW-135.

*Vaccination is strictly optional to be taken and depending on the initiative of pilgrims.

Is there a need for an additional insurance?

Those who applied for a tourist visa will be offered:

  • Covid-19 insurance by the Saudi Arabia government, which is valid for 1 month from the day of arrival.
  • Al-Khairi Care insurance for the hospital and clinic insurance in Saudi Arabia.

Should you need extra coverage, you are encouraged to take additional insurance.

When will the Umrah course be held?

Courses will be held a month before departure date and all pilgrims will be kept updated from time to time from our umrah expert.

What is the deposit amount and when should I make full payment?

The deposit amount is:

  • RM500/person for lean season and it is non-refundable.
  • RM1,000/person for peak season and it is non-refundable.

Full payment should be made in less than 45 days from the departure date. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in trip cancellation.

Can someone with health problems register for Umrah?

If the individual has any chronic illness or is undergoing dialysis treatment, kindly inform IKHLAS.

Is there any Mutawwif (group leader) for the trip?

IKHLAS will provide an experienced Mutawwif from Malaysia to guide you throughout your Umrah journey.

What are the mobile applications needed during Umrah?

You need to download both Ikhlas & Nusuk apps on your smartphone.

  • Ikhlas: To use Umrah Guide Book as guidance.
  • Nusuk: To apply for Umrah permit, Raudah visits & Haram prayers.

When can I apply for Umrah slot and Raudah visits?

You can make your bookings after the Nusuk application has been activated. Availability is subjected to vacancy.

What is the age limit to enter the mosque?

There is no age limit for tourists with visa to pray at the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque.

What are the flights provided for IKHLAS's Umrah packages?

It will be direct flights to Jeddah or Madinah on AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines or Saudia Airlines.

What is the baggage allowance for each guest?

All airlines provide free baggage allowance, but terms and conditions may differ, depending on the airline or airport authorities. Everyone will be notified of the conditions before their flights and it is the responsibility of the guest to pay the excess baggage charge.

Air Asia X : 20 kg x 1 baggage + 7kg hand carry baggage

What meals will be provided in Mecca and Medina?

All meals for IKHLAS packages is fullboard. (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

What mode of transportation is used for travel and tours during Umrah?

We provide air-conditioned bus for all IKHLAS pilgrims in Mecca, Medina and Jeddah.

Are the prices, dates and programs subject to change?

Dates and prices are subject to change but you will be notified of the changes beforehand. The itinerary is fixed, however, the day of the visit might change under certain circumstances (weather, etc).

Who do I contact for further enquiries?

You may visit our official website, social media or send an email to [email protected].

Hotline & Whatsapp : +60105246864