All Qurban 1441H / 2020 participations have been successfully completed. The certificate and status will be updated once we have received the full report from the fulfillment countries.
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And the camels and cattle We have appointed for you as among the symbols of Allah ; for you therein is good. So mention the name of Allah upon them when lined up [for sacrifice]; and when they are [lifeless] on their sides, then eat from them and feed the needy and the beggar. Thus have We subjected them to you that you may be grateful.

Al-Hajj 22:36


Qurban means slaughtering certain livestock on the 10th to 13th Zulhijjah with the intention of 'taqarrub' to Allah SWT.

'Taqarrub' means an act or practice that is intended to bring you closer to Allah Almighty.

Qurban worship is the most beloved practice of Allah on the feast of Aidiladha & sunnah which is almost never abandoned by all the companions & salafussoleh.

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