Whoever wishes to offer a sacrifice on behalf of his baby, he may offer two identical sheeps for a boy and one for a girl.

Narrated by Abu Dawud (2842)

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Frequently asked questions

What is Aqiqah?

Aqiqah is an act of worship by slaughtering livestock (goat) on the 7th day of a child being born. If its not done on the seventh day of birth, then Aqiqah should be performed on the 14th day of birth of the child. And if not, then it should be done on the 21st day of birth of the child, or accordingly on the next seventh day and so on. This is based on the opinion of Syeikh Muhammad Arsyad Al-Banjari in his book Sabil Al-Muhtadin.

What Is The Ruling Or Obligation In Performing Aqiqah?

The ruling to perform aqiqah is Sunnah Muakkad (Sunnah that is highly encouraged and strongly recommended) based on the strong opinions of the As-Syafie mazhab.

Is Aqiqah A Traditional Practice Or An Unwritten Rule For Malays?

No, Aqiqah is not a traditional practice or unwritten rule for Malays. In fact, it is an act of worship and sunnah of Nabi SAW, with the Prophet himself performing Aqiqah for his grandsons, Hassan and Hussain r.a.

Why Do We Need To Perform Aqiqah?

Because the act of aqiqah is a means for parents to express gratitude to God for the blessing of having a child.

Who Is Responsible For Performing Aqiqah?

The act of aqiqah is the responsibility of the child's guardian (typically parents). If the parents have passed away (prior to being able to perform aqiqah for their child), then the responsibility falls to the grandfather, an uncle or guardian of the child to do so.

Can Someone Else (Besides The Parents) Perform Aqiqah For The Child?

Yes. If the parents to the child is unable to afford or carry out the act because of certain reasons, then another party can perform aqiqah for the child. However, it must be informed to the parents prior. Argument: Rasulullah SAW himself performed aqiqah for both his grandsons, Hassan and Hussain r.a., by slaughtering one sheep each.

Can Aqiqah Be Performed For One's Own Self Upon Being An Adult?

Yes, if the person is able to (has an income), because Nabi SAW also performed aqiqah for himself after being appointed a prophet when he was 40 years of age.

What Are The Advantages Of Performing Aqiqah?

Reward for performing aqiqah as an expresseion of gratitude and reward for practicing a sunnah of Rasulullah SAW Reveals the feeling of thanksgiving for the blessings of a child from Allah SWT To spread the news about the birth of one's child to prevent any perjudice Makes possible for a child to request intercession for both parents (intepretation of Imam Ahmad) Steers the child away from the devil's disturbances (intepretation of Ibnu Qayyim Al-Jauzi) Supports the growth and intelligence of the child (intepretation of Imam Al-Khattabi) Tightens the bonds of friendship if a kenduri aqiqah is held Discourages any stinginess through the feeding of the poor Performing Aqiqah during the month of Ramadhan: Doubles the reward when doing good deeds Reward for giving food to those breaking fast

What Animal Is Used To Perform Aqiqah For Children? How Many Animals Are Required?

Goat. It is sunnah to slaughter 2 goats for a baby boy, and 1 goat for a baby girl.

For A Baby Boy, Can Aqiqah Be Performed First With 1 Goat, And Then Another Goat Later On?

Yes, it is not necessary for 2 goats to be slaughtered at once. Although, if it is within one's capability, the completion of the second slaughter should be done as soon as possible, especially if the aqiqah has been intended.

For A Baby Boy, Can Aqiqah Be Performed With Just 1 Goat?

Yes, just as Rasulullah SAW performed aqiqah for his grandsons, Hassan and Hussain r.a. with a sheep each.

Can Aqiqah Be Performed With More Than 2 Goats For Baby Boys And More Than 1 Goat For Baby Girls?

Yes. As more livestock is slaughtered, Godwilling, there shall be more reward as many more people can be served food and benefit from it.

Can Aqiqah Be Performed Using Cows? Does Ikhlas Provide An Option To Perform Aqiqah With Cow Portions?

There is no proof prohibiting performing aqiqah with cows. That said, most of the evidence concerning aqiqah is to perform the act with goats only, differing with qurban where it is mentioned to perform with cow portions. At IKHLAS, we do not perform aqiqah with cow portions.

Since Aqiqah With Cow Portions Are Not Offered, Can Aqiqah Be Performed With A Whole Cow?

Evidence concerning aqiqah mentions a lot about slaughtering with a goat. Just as aqiqah is performed with an unblemished whole goat, then it can be understood that performing aqiqah with an unblemished whole cow is not a problem as the aqiqah is unlike qurban that allows for cow portions to be slaughtered. That said, aqiqah with a whole cow will cost more than a goat, and in fact, allows for several goats to be purchased. If that is not an issue, we can help to perform the aqiqah.

How Is The Meat From Aqiqah Managed? Will The Meat Be Cooked Or Distributed Raw?

Meat from aqiqah is sunnah to be cooked first prior to being served, a little different to the act of qurban where meat is distributed raw. However at IKHLAS, not all meat from aqiqah will be cooked. Some will be distributed raw particularly to recipients who usually live futher out and/or in rural inland areas. And typically, the meat is cooked if there are events that gather the local community such as recital events, wedding banquets and breaking of fast.

For A Child That Passes Away In The Womb / Passes Away Before The 7th Day Of Birth, Should Aqiqah Be Performed?

Aqiqah should be performed for a baby who has passed away whether, in the womb (exceeding 4 months) or before the 7th day of birth, as a sign of gratitude for being bestowed the opportunity to have an offspring even if for a short while. Its ruling is not sunnah unlike performing aqiqah on the 7th day of a child being born which is claimed as sunnah muakkad.